Everywhere in British Columbia we find people who love to speak French and who live in French. They form the fourth largest francophone community in Canada, consisting of almost 300 000 people. This community is organized and in the midst of expansive growth. In response to the particular needs of this population and this Francophone region of Canada, it has created its own solid social and economic infrastructure that offers services and activities in French.

Our community is a force, which our country, province and municipalities can count on: a guarantee of success at the national and international level.

Did you know that in British Columbia?

  • Francophones arrived with Alexander Mackenzie in 1793.
  • The first Francophone parish was established at Maillardville in 1909.
  • 42 000 Francophones live in Vancouver and Victoria.
  • There are 40 Francophone schools attended by almost 4 200 children. The Francophone School Council is the school board that has experienced the most growth in B.C.
  • There are almost 40 000 children who are enrolled in French Immersion programs.
  • Simon Fraser University has an Office of Francophone and Francophiles Affairs where young adults can pursue their post-secondary studies in French.
  • College courses are offered in French in classrooms and online.
  • The francophone community has its own theatre, festivals, dancers, musicians, artists, artisans and historical society, and that thousands of people attend these activities.
  • French speaking business operators can receive training in their own language in entrepreneurial management in all key sectors of the provincial economy, thanks to La Société de développement économique.
  • Members of the Francophone population come from all over the world.