Présence francophone à Prince George depuis 1960


St-Jean-Baptiste Day Celebrations

Dear CCFPG members,

Le Cercle des Canadiens Français de Prince George (CCFPG) is pleased to invite you for celebrating St-Jean Baptiste Day on Saturday, June 24th 2017.

The event starts officially at 5:00 pm and the arrival will start at 4:30pm. There will be many social and cultural activities, including dancing, music, meal and St-Jean Bonfire activities.The birch bark Canoe will be presented and explained officially by Marcel Labelle.

There will be also French Canadian traditional poutines !!! Please, come to taste them!! They’re so limited !!!

New CCFPG Honorative Member

The 57th General Annual Meeting and the administrative board of the CCFPG elected Elizabeth Eakin as an Honorative Member of Le Cercle des Canadiens Français. It is for her exceptional participation to the CCFPG activities and her involvement for decades that Mrs.Eakin has been awarded this title. As a matter of fact, Élizabeth promoted the French culture through visual and performing arts. Thus, she never missed an occasion to promote Le Cercle des Canadiens Français. Finally, Élizabeth generously gave her time to teach danse to children, adults and seniors.

Therefore, Mrs Eakin has been awarded with the Honorative Member’s title, giving her a member for life status at Le Cercle des Canadien Français.

Congratulations Élizabeth !!!

Élizabeth Eakin (Honorative Member) and Michel Bouchard (President)

Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday June 7th 2017 was held the 57th Annual General Meeting of Le Cercle des Canadiens Français de Prince-George. The participating members elected a new administraive board.

Congratulations to Michel Bouchard, Louise Côté-Madill and Robert Doyon who were re-elected as President, Treasurer and Director, respectively. Also, congratulations to Marthe Collin and Claire who were newly elected as Directors.

Mario Beaulieu (Director), Robert Doyon (Director), Michel Bouchard (President), Jeff Daniel Nze Memiaghe (Executive Director), Louise Côté Madill (Treasurer), Claire Green (Director), Marthe Collin (Director) and Véronique Hadikin (Vice-president).


On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, was held the Annual General Meeting of Le Cercle des Canadiesn Français de Prince George during which members were elected to form the new Board of Directors of the CCFPG.

Congratulations to Véronique Hadikin (Vice-President), Louise Côté Madill (Treasurer), Gerald Bergeron (Director) and Janie Roberge (Director)!!!

Photo Cercle 16-6-16 103

Jeff Daniel Nze Memiaghe (Executive director), Véronique Hadikin (Vice-president), Robert Doyon (Director), Janie Roberge (Director), Gérald Bergeron (Director), Michel Bouchard (President), Mario Beaulieu (Director), Louise Côté Madill (Treasurer)


Thanks to New Horizons, a federal gouvernment program, the kitchen has been renovated !

Nouvelle cuisine (1)

Nouvelle cuisine (3)


The roof renovations are finished !